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World Summit on the Information Society Preparatory Committee (Geneva, 1-5 July 2002)

Petition at the initiative of journalists participating to the PrepCom1 Of the World Summit on the Information Society Geneva, July 1-5

Tunisia was chosen to organise the World summit on the Information Society together with Geneva. Yet that country is categorized by the journalism profession and by the Human Rights organizations as an enemy of Freedom of the Press.

It is therefore astonishing that this choice was not made conditional on a better respect for fundamental Freedoms, notably the rights to inform and to be informed.

Consequently, we make an urgent request to the ITU and the UN to demand of Tunis that it give tangible and speedy demonstrations of a real determination to evolve the situation.

Failing that, we request that the international community seriously consider the transfer of the Summit to a capital where Freedom of expression is better respected.

Download the English version of the petition and make it signed (WORD 31k)

If you are willing to ciculate the petition and collect signatures, at the end you can send it to:

Ronald KOVEN
European representative
World Press Freedom Commitee
133 Ave. de Suffren - 75007 Paris / France

Tel +33 1 4783 3988
Fax +33 1 4566 8302
Email: rkoven

18 July 2002: Document WSIS/CSS/SCT-5 (Final) 5 July 2002
Endorsements updated July 18 2002 Original: English
Civil Society Segment STATEMENT ON WSIS CONTENT AND THEMES Reaction to the 2 non papers of the Chairman of the sub-committee 2 on guiding principles and themes.

We note positively that substantial improvements were made to the guiding principles and themes, in particular the stress placed on preservation of linguistic and cultural diversity and the assumption that ICT is a tool for achieving economic and social goals, and not an end in itself.

Nevertheless, we urge the governments to work towards consensus on the following issues

Download English version (PDF 17k) Download English version (WORD 34k)


Indigenous Peoples inclusion in the WSIS

Getting a voice in the WSIS First PrepComm has been hard for indigenous peoples. Lack of financial resources and procedural issues have prevented representatives from indigenous peoples coming here to raise their issues and concerns in person. The Global Community Networking Partnership Secretariat has been asked by its indigenous peoples members to raise indigenous issues on their behalf. This is not intended to set a precedent by having a non-indigenous person speaking on their behalf. Rather it is to maximize the opportunity at this First PrepComm to place the Indigenous Peoples on the agenda and to ensure that the absence of indigenous peoples representation is immediately addressed.

Download English version (PDF 11k) Download English version (WORD 28k)

6 July 2002: Following is a copy of the minutes provided by the ITU Secretary General's office following his meeting with the civil society delegation on Friday morning (hard copy was circulated at the CS plenary 5 July 2002). //

Meeting between the ITU Secretary-General and the NGO delegation Friday 5 July 2002 from 10h30 to 11h15, CICG office

Download English version (PDF 11k) Download English version (WORD 28k)

WSIS in the press...

International Herald Tribune
A hopeful way out of poverty
Shashi Tharoor IHT
Friday, July 5, 2002

Internet access

GENEVA Dollar signs are no longer the only element dividing the haves and the have-nots. That is already clear from a preparatory conference here this week on the issues to come before the first World Summit on the Information Society, scheduled for December 2003 (...).

Access to the Full article: http://www.iht.com/articles/63489.html

Fable de la gouvernance
Le faisan et le pigeon

Le sommet mondial de la société de l'information
Jean Rembert
lundi 1er juillet 2002

(...)En fait c'est l'Union Internationale des Telecommunications et les gouvernements, accompagnés de l'alibi communautaire, la société civile qui font une nouba rituelle : « Le Sommet réunira des chefs d'Etat et de gouvernements, des représentants des parlements et des pouvoirs locaux, des représentants de la société civile, des dirigeants du secteur privé et les organisations internationales concernées. »

On sait bien que la société civile, ce n'est pas un être identifiable, ni représentable par quelqu'un, mais ce n'est pas grave, il suffit de l'appeler pour qu'elle se manifeste, la politique a horreur du vide, tout espace ouvert est nécessairement rempli (voir l'institutionnalisation). Pourquoi faire un sommet mondial ? Parce que « La mise en place de la société de l'information est au cœur des enjeux politiques, économiques, culturels et sociaux auxquels nous sommes confrontés en ce début de XXIème siècle. Le sujet du Sommet n'est pas la technique mais l'avènement de la société mondialisée dans laquelle l'émancipation de l'être humain est en partie liée aux possibilités de communiquer et d'échanger des informations. » (...).

Accédez à l'article complet: http://www.uzine.net/article1727.html

More info about Zouhair Yahyaoui:
21.06.2002 - Tunisia Tunisian cyber-dissident sent to prison for two years
5.06.2002 - Tunisia Cyber-dissident arrested and his online newspaper censored
Zouhair Yahyaoui founder and editor of the online newspaper TUNeZINE, and the government's suppression of its website : full story, links in french and English
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