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World Summit on the Information Society Preparatory Committee, Geneva, 4 July 2002

4 July 2002, Geneva: From Information Society to Communicative Communities
Declaration of the Asian CSO Caucus-PrepCom 1 of the WSIS,

Asia is a region of great diversity - not only in terms of geography and language, but also in the distribution of wealth, knowledge, and power. It is also home to more than half of the world's population. While some countries in Asia count among the leaders of the world economy, smaller economies are also part of the landscape. Many of world's cultures, civilizations, and philosophies trace their origins to different parts of Asia. Asia has traditionally been a strong contributor to global knowledge from such thinkers such as Buddha and Confucius.(...)

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July 4th Endorsed Version:
Civil Society Response on the PrepCom Sub-Committee Agreement of Rules of Procedure.

We appreciate the huge effort from all parties in reaching a formal agreement on the PrepCom Rules of Procedures. We will continue to engage constructively in the process, as the details and further decisions emerge. The following are initial considerations on the agreement (...).

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4 July 2002: Document WSIS/CSS/SCT-4 (Final) Original: English
Civil Society Segment Sub-Committee on Content and Themes
Putting People First in the Information Society

The World Summit on the Information Society proposes to develop "a common vision and understanding of the information society and the adoption of a declaration and plan of action." A vision of society must necessarily have people at its center and an understanding of the fundamental rights and needs of humankind. The goals of such a society should be based on principles of social, political and economic justice. (...)

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