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World Summit on the Information Society Preparatory Committee, Geneva, 5 July 2002

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Civil Society Segment Submission

Indigenous Peoples Inclusion in the World Summit for the Information Society

Submitted July 5, 2002 to:
The President of the PrepComm Session, The President of SubCommittee 1
The President of SubCommittee 2

Submitted by:
The Global Community Networking Partnership (GCNP) at the request and invitation of GCNP member Robyn Kamira, Te Rarawa, Te Aupouri Founding and Trust Member, Te Wairere Wahine: Society for Professional Maori Women in Information Technology; Member Korowai Groups (Maori ICT groups); Member New Zealand Maori Internet Society

Lack of financial resources have prevented indigenous peoples participation in this First PrepComm in person.

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The Latin-American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC), has been and is the Group most open to the active participation of the private sector and the Civil Society during all the phases of the process surrounding the World Summit on Information Society; and as a result, our meetings have been and are open to the substantive contributions that the Civil Society would like to make to our Regional Conference. In this sense, the country members of GRULAC would like to clarify and express formally the following (...):

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5 July 2002: Final Civil Society Plenary Statement on Funding and Supporting NGO Participation in WSIS

The WSIS process culminating in the World Summit in Geneva 2003 and in Tunis 2005, must pay special attention to the needs of Civil Society, especially those based in the Global South and the Least Developed Countries. Effective participation and contribution from developing countries will depend on finding adequate support and assistance. This requires a policy commitment from the main WSIS actors, a co-ordinated approach by governments and donor agencies and the full support of northern NGO partners. It should be further noted that unequal opportunities to engage and participate exist both between and within developing countries and that in certain communities some are marginalized more than others (for example youth, indigenous peoples, rural communities). Within all of these communities, women and girls are further marginalized and excluded from policy formulation.

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July 5th2002: Statement by Bruce Girard, co-chair of the civil society plenary at PrepCom1 and member of the Coordinating Committee of the Campaign for Communication Rights in the Information Society (CRIS) to the WSIS Civil Society Press Conference.

More than 150 people, representing some 100 civil society organisations from all over the globe, with diverse interests, activities and priorities came to Geneva to participate in the first Preparatory Committee of the World Summit on the Information Society (...).

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July 5th2002: PRESS STATEMENT ON WSIS CONTENT, to be made by member of YOUTH and ASIAN CAUCUS

The World Summit on the Information Society proposes to develop "a common vision and understanding of the information society." But any vision of society must necessarily have people at its center. Technology and infrastructure are a means to human development and not ends in themselves. Any approach that reduces the information society to just the tools, or that thinks of people only as users of technology, will be unable to achieve social, political and economic justice (...).

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Geneva, July 5th2002, Final Statement: Civil Society Plenary Statement on Rules of Procedure, Accreditation and Modalities for NGO participation.

Civil Society representatives at this first Preparatory Committee Meeting welcome the declared intention to include all stakeholders, expressed by so many at the opening and in speeches. We further appreciate the huge effort from all parties that went into reaching formal agreement on the PrepCom Rules of Procedures and specific modalities. The following is our response to the outcomes, approved at the Final Civil Society Plenary Meetings and initially endorsed by the organisations attached below. Further endorsements are being added (...).

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