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Contact persons of ONG & Associations: 

· Abantu for Development
· AEGEE - Europe
· ALER - Asociación Latinoamericana de Educación Radiofónica
· AMARC Africa
· AMARC International
· APC Association for Progressive Communications
· APC Africa
· BHN Association
· Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
· Carrefour Mondial de l'Internet Citoyen
· CERTI Foundation - Reference Centers in Innovative Technologies
· Chonia informatica
· Civilrights.org
· Collectif d'Appui et d'Assistance Technique Approchée (CAATR)
· Communities Online
· Community Media Network
· Computer Association of Nepal
· Comunica
· Conseil Mondial de la Radio-Television
· Consumer Federation of America
· CPSR - Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
· CREIS - Centre de coordination pour la Recherche et l'Enseignement en Informatique et Société
· CRIS Campaign
· ETIC Nord-Sud
· Federation Internationale des Associations Multimedia (FIAM)
· Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas: FAWCO
· Foundation for Media Alternatives, Philippines
· Global Community Networking Partnership (GCNP)
· Institut Panos Afrique de l'Ouest
· Instituto del Tercer Mundo (ITEM)
· International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)
· International Council for Caring Communities
· International Possibilities Unlimited
· International Women's Tribune Centre (IWTC)
· Internet Society Geneva (ISOC - GVA)
· InterNews
· IPV: IusPrimi Viri International Association
· IRIS - Imaginons un Réseau Internet Solidaire - France
· ISIS International - Manila
· ISOC-Mali
· Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
· Media Institute of Southern Africa
· MISA - Media Institute of Southern Africa
· NEXUS Research Cooperative
· Nile Basic Society, Canada
· OneWorld
· Pacific Telecommunications Council
· Pain pour le prochain - Bread for all
· Panos Institute
· SwissMedia: Association Future du Multimedia
· Taking IT Global
· Telecommunities Canada
· Transparency International
· Vancouver Community Network
· World Association for Christian Communication
· World Federalist Movement
· Worldview International Foundation/Mandate the Future
· Youth Caucus

ALAI - Agencia Latinoamericana de Información
Description: organismo de comunicación comprometido con la vigencia plena de los derechos humanos y la participación de los movimientos sociales en el desarrollo de América Latina
Contact: Sally Burch Country: Ecuador
E-mail: info Phone: +59 32 250 5074
Web: http://www.alainet.org/index.html.es
ALER - Asociación Latinoamericana de Educación Radiofónica
Description: En aler la producción radiofónica sirve para fortalecer y apoyar a las radios locales
Contact: Luis Dávila L. Country: Ecuador
E-mail: lucho Phone: +593 2 2559012 / +593 2 2524358
Web: http://www.aler.org.ec
AMARC International
Description: AMARC is an international non-governmental organization serving the community radio movement, with almost 3 000 members and associates in 106 countries.
Contact: Steve Buckley Country: Canada
E-mail: steve or amarc Phone: +1 514 982 0351
Web: http://www.amarc.org
APC - Association for Progressive Communications
Description: Global Internet community for Environment, Human Rights, Development & Peace
Contact: Karen Banks Country: Australia
E-mail: karenb
Web: http://www.apc.org/
Carrefour mondial de l'Internet citoyen / World Forum on Community Networking
Description: ONG internationale créée par les réseaux canadiens promoteurs de l'événement pour organiser GlobalCN 2002
Contact: Alain Ambrosi Country: Canada
E-mail: ambrosia Phone: +1 514 847 0745
Web: http://globalcn.org
CERTI Foundation - Reference Centers in Innovative Technologies
Description: Private, non-progfit, foundation dedicated to R&D with broad experience in the areas of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and product design. The Foundation focuses its work on the development of systems which allows for the design and construction of digital devices and applications centered on issues concerning electronic government and digital appliances.
Contact: Paulo C. de Miranda Country: Brasil
E-mail: pcg Phone: +1-55-48-239-2009 or +1-55-48-239-2015
Web: http://www.certi.org.br
Chonia informatica
Description: ICT education for development
Contact: Gideon Hayford CHONIA Country: Switzerland
E-mail: gideon Phone: +41 1 814 19 09
Web: http://www.ghana.net/ci.html
Civilrights.org : The Online Social Justice Network
Description: The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), the oldest, largest and most diverse civil and human rights coalition in the United States, comprised of over 180 national organizations
Contact: Brian KOMAR Country: USA
E-mail: komar Phone: +1 202.785.3666
Web: http://www.civilrights.org/
Description: explores and supports ways that local and independent media in less developed countries are making use of information and communication technologies
Contact: Bruce Girard Country: Netherlands
E-mail: bgirard
Web: http://www.comunica.org
CPSR - Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Description: Devoted to activism in issues such as Internet filters, censorship, encryption, digital signatures
Contact: Robert Guerra Country: Canada
E-mail: rguerra Phone: +1 (416) 458-8564
Web: http://www.cpsr.org
GLOCOM - Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan
Description: Research institute focusing on the social, economic and cultural impacts of new communications technologies. Active in the public policy debate around information and communication technologies, and particularly in initiatives promoting regional and local development through ICTs.
Contact: Adam Peake Country: Japan
E-mail: ajp Phone: +81-3-5411-6685
Web: http://www.glocom.ac.jp and http://www.glocom.org
Instituto del Tercer Mundo
Description: El Instituto del Tercer Mundo (ITeM) realiza actividades de información, comunicación y educación a nivel nacional e internacional sobre temas vinculados al desarrollo y el medio ambiente.
Contact: Magela Sigillito Country: Uruguay
E-mail: magela
Web: http://www.item.org.uy/
Description: International NGO that supports independent media in emerging democracies, and uses the media
Contact: Eric S Johnson Country: France
E-mail: johnson
Web: http://www.internews.org/
IRIS - Imaginons un réseau Internet solidaire
Description: favoriser la défense et l'élargissement des droits de chacun à la libre utilisation des réseaux électroniques
Contact: Meryem Marzouki Country: France
E-mail: Meryem.Marzouki Tel/Fax. +33(0)144749239
Web: http://www.iris.sgdg.org
Isis International Manila
Description: We are a feminist NGO dedicated to women’s information and communication needs. Documenting ideas and visions. Creating channels to communicate. Collecting and moving information. Networking and building links
Contact: Susanna George Country: Philippines
E-mail: susanna or isis Phone: +632 435-3405 or +632 435-3408
Web: http://www.isiswomen.org
ISOC GVA - Internet Society Geneva
Description: information society, privacy and education in the stake and use of the IT
Contact: Stéphane Koch Country: Switzerland
E-mail: president Phone: +41 79 607 57 33
Web: http://www.isocgva.ch
MISA - Media Institute of Southern Africa
Description: MISA advocate for media diversity, pluralisme, self-sufficiency and independance
Contact: Tracey Naughton Country: Namibia
E-mail: broadcasting Phone: +264 61 232 975
Web: http://www.misa.org.na
Vancouver Community Network
Description: The Vancouver Community Network (VCN) was founded in 1993 in order to bring a working CommunityNet, a community-based computer information system, to the people of the Greater Vancouver area.
Contact: Ms. Amali De Silva Country: Canada
E-mail: amali Phone: +1-604-736-9012
Web: http://www.aler.org.ec
Youth Caucus
Description: an global technology-driven network of youth in more than 180 countries working for sustainable development, digital opportunities and youth employment.
Contact 1: Nick Moraitis Country 1: Autralia
Contact 2: Sasha Costanza-Chock Country 2: USA
E-mail 1: nick E-mail 2: schock
Web: http://www.takingitglobal.org